part 8

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  1. Foundational oaths and agreements
  2. Antecedent to Law
    1. Noah (Genesis 9)
    2. Abraham (Genesis 12)
    3. Jacob (Genesis 28)
  3. Jew-Gentile Controversy (Acts 15)

Covenant-Keeper vs. Self-Maximizer
[This dichotomy is taken from Lewis B. Smedes, Mere Morality: What God Expects From Ordinary People.]

The virtues of the covenant-Keeper are what we want in all other people. But they can be personally demanding.
The virtues of the self-maximizer are not all bad, but if everyone felt that way society would collapse.
When staying committed is drudgery and self-mortification, why? Why keep covenants?

Why Keep a Vow?

Submit to One Another

Bad Marriage
According to the prophets, God himself suffered the pain of a bad marriage – a marriage hurt by adultery.

John 8 – There is grace and renewal for all broken covenants in Jesus Christ.

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Evening Sermon, 18 November 2007

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