part 9

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  1. The best New Testament companions of the Ten Commandments are the Sermon on the Mount and James.
  2. Read James 4:1-10
  3. Friendship with the world and Friendship with God
    1. Greed as a force that leads to anxiety
    2. Desire for things
    3. Murder and Coveting

Two Reflections

  1. 1991 – On the streets of London.
    1. The homeless poor.
    2. The two I met were would steal and cheat in order to survive.
    3. Christian witness
    4. They had never met someone who was a friend of God
    5. All they knew was friendship with the world
  2. 1992 – Mexico
    1. My co-worker and brother in Christ in Mexico
    2. My age, married with three children.
    3. Karen and I were invited to a meal in his house.
    4. A small place. Rice, beans and tortillas.
    5. They shared a feast with us. Hospitality.
    6. They were friends with God.

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Evening Sermon, 25 November 2007

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