A Future Together
part 8

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Story about George – He didn’t believe that he ever retired from church ...

I respect George’s wisdom. There is no age that we “retire” from church. It isn’t a job, it is who we are. Sometimes we may think that the older generation needs to give way to the younger generation. That terminology is flawed. The older and younger generations need to work together to continue to be church. That isn’t just George’s wisdom. That is God’s wisdom.

Numbers 8:20-26 Moses, Aaron and the whole Israelite community did with the Levites just as the LORD commanded Moses. The Levites purified themselves and washed their clothes. Then Aaron presented them as a wave offering before the LORD and made atonement for them to purify them. After that, the Levites came to do their work at the Tent of Meeting under the supervision of Aaron and his sons. They did with the Levites just as the LORD commanded Moses.
The LORD said to Moses, "This applies to the Levites: Men twenty-five years old or more shall come to take part in the work at the Tent of Meeting, but at the age of fifty, they must retire from their regular service and work no longer. They may assist their brothers in performing their duties at the Tent of Meeting, but they themselves must not do the work. This, then, is how you are to assign the responsibilities of the Levites."

  1. We Do Not Retire From Church:

  2. The Importance of Mentoring:

  3. Thank You to Our Senior Adults.


The life of a disciple eager to serve others is a life journey. It begins with one’s birth in Christ and the beginning of a new life.

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Morning Sermon, 20 April 2008

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