Restoration History #8

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The 1906 Admission

Why Did We Divide?

Remember 1832?

No heaven was promised to those who hold one position or the other, and no hell was threatened to those who deny them.
- “Raccoon” John Smith

Why Did We Divide?

A Divided Nation
Mort Kunstler's 'Salute of Honor' painting

Secession and Churches

  • Presbyterian (PCUSA)
  • American Baptist Convention
  • Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Episcopal Church in the USA

  • Presbyterian (PCCSA)
  • Southern Baptist Convention
  • Methodist Episcopal Church, South
  • Episcopal Church in the CSA

The Issue of Slavery

Can We Divide?

“Indeed, a division of the body of Christ, except in the sense of causing a faction, is impossible. What divine authority makes one, it is difficult for man to make two.”
- Moses Lard (1866)

Did We Divide?

Seeds of Division

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Evening Sermon, 27 April 2008

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