Restoration History #9

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Why Did We Divide?

American Christian Missionary Society

ACMS Statement of 1863

“We unqualifiedly declare our allegiance to the U.S. government ... We tender our sympathies to our brave and noble soldiers in the field.”

Southern Reaction

The “Old Fogy”

“We are not at home in a fine editorial chair, with a cigar or pipe in our mouth, opening the letters and telling others how and where to work, but we are in the field.” -- Ben Franklin (1867), editor of American Christian Review

Ye Shall Know Them By Their Periodicals

Class and Culture

Musical Instruments in Worship

Alexander Campbell in 1851

“But I presume, to all spiritually-minded Christians such aids would be as a cow bell in a concert.”

An Aid to Singing

“Refined Ears”

“These refined gentlemen have refined ears and enjoy fine music manufactured for French theaters, interspersed with short prayers and very short sermons.” - Ben Franklin (1860)

The Arguments Form

  • Pro-Instrument
  • Expediency
  • Silence of Scripture allows use
  • Issue of freedom
  • Progressive
  • Anti-Instrument
  • Worldliness
  • Silence of Scripture prohibits use
  • Issue of principle
  • Digressive

Mediating Position

“We shall advise our brethren everywhere, for the sake of peace ... To discard the use of instruments ...” – Isaac Errett, 1870

A Line in the Sand

Division Shaped our Identity into the 20th Century

The 1906 Admission

“There is a distinct people taking the word of God as their only sufficient rule of faith, calling their churches ‘churches of Christ’ or ‘churches of God,’ ... ” - David Lipscomb

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Evening Sermon, 4 May 2008

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