Romans 8:18-39

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Read Romans 8:18-30

Already and Not Yet

Hope and Spirit

  1. We share in the suffering of creation
  2. Hope to share in glory also
  3. The intimacy with the Spirit also sustains us
  4. God loves

Sharing in Glory

Romans 8:28 [in Greek]

  1. All things work together for good.
  2. God works all things together for good.
  3. God works in all things for good.

    Osburn in the Westminster Theological Journal, 1982
    1. Traditional reading – KJV and other older English translations: Problem is that it is universal optimism. God isn’t truly the subject. Paul is not saying that calamity is good because it all ends up for the good. Calamity is not good and it is part of a system that is corrupt (the groaning creation), but God’s love does not fail in the face of calamity. God will cooperate with us for good, despite the circumstances.
    2. Has been suggested but may not be grammatically correct.
    3. God is the subject of the verb sunergei.

Read Romans 8:31-39

First Question

Second Question

Third Question

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Evening Sermon, 11 January 2009

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