Romans 12

Structure of Romans

Belief and Practice

Spiritual Act of Worship

  1. God doesn’t want an offering, he wants us.
  2. Compare to the language of death and life in 6-7
  3. Change of mind

Worship as Identity

  1. The new vision of worship transcends Jew and Gentile concerns
  2. Faith is basis
  3. Practice embodies faith

Living Sacrifices in Worship

  1. Evaluate ourselves through faith (v. 3)
  2. We are members of one body (v. 4-6)
  3. Use the gifts given to us by God’s grace

Gifts for One Another

  • Prophecy
  • Serving
  • Teaching
  • Exhorting
  • Giving
  • Leading
  • Mercy
All of these are measured by characteristics that demonstrate God’s grace to bless one another.


  1. Practicing love within the church (12:9-13)
  2. Practicing love with those who persecute the church (12:14-21)

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Evening Sermon, 15 February 2009

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