1 Samuel 24-26

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Saul in David’s Hands (chapter 24)

  1. Saul is vulnerable
  2. David’s Men: “This is the day God promised – Saul is in your hands!”
  3. David cuts of piece of robe but protects Saul: “He’s the anointed.”

Saul in God’s Hands

  1. David confronts Saul: “God will avenge me!”
  2. David puts the matter in God’s hands
  3. Saul is humbled by David’s grace
  4. Who is right? In whose eyes?


  1. David promises respect to Saul’s family
  2. They part company. The pursuit is over
  3. Samuel dies

David and Nabal (chapter 25)

  1. David and his men ask Nabal for hospitality
  2. Nabal is rude and selfish
  3. David plans revenge on Nabal
  4. Abigail intervenes. David trusts in the Lord – again.
  5. Nabal is stunned and later dies.

David in Saul’s Camp (chapter 26)

David and Christ

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Evening Sermon, 28 June 2009

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