2 Samuel 15

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2 Samuel 12:11-12

Wise Woman of Tekoa

King David

Layers of Story

David’s Option

  1. Bring Absalom back to his land and house
  2. David will not meet with him – loss of favor
  3. Absalom resents this

Absalom’s Rebellion

  1. Absalom believes he is just
  2. David and his people go into exile
  3. Absalom follows shrewd advisors (16:21-23)

Absalom’s Capture (18)

  1. David orders Absalom to be spared
  2. Joab executes Absalom
  3. David mourns – depression
  4. David returns to Jerusalem – forgives (19)

Parable of Father and Sons

  1. Family or Justice
  2. Reconciliation or Destruction
  3. The Way of Jesus

Three Layers of the Parable

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Evening Sermon, 11 October 2009

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