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What do you hope for? – That your team will win, that this sermon will be short, that you won’t have the same argument around the supper table today, that your family could gather around the table. Do you hope that you will find a good job and marry the right person, or maybe you hope that for your children, or maybe you wish you could? Do you hope that you can make it through the day without a drink, a bad thought, losing your temper, or a visit to a certain website? Do you hope the economy will improve? Do you hope that God will return soon, or does that thought make you uneasy and you hope you can find a way that it wouldn’t?

Our inspiration and our mission, our hopes and dreams are influenced by the way we answer another question: What do you believe God is doing with the future?

Spell it out and then ask you to think through it with me ... Mission, Hope, and God’s Plans for the Future are all connected in important ways. Bible speaks of the Day of the Lord with Hope.

What God is doing with the future ...

This reminds me of a man named Jonah ...

If we cannot see past our tribe, our nation, or our language, then we do not see God’s vision of the future.

If our hope is limited to our tribe, or just our nation, and if it can only be spoken in our language, then our hope is not rooted what God is doing with the future.

What we believe about the future will affect the way we live today.

What do we hope for? What do we believe God is doing with the future?

It is time, past time ...

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Morning Sermon, 25 October 2009

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