If You Are Going To Be A Shepherd,
Walk In The Pasture
by David Chadwell
published by DavidChadwell.com in November 2008
Copyright © 2008

Thoughts For Men Who Would Lead Congregations And For Those Who Would Follow

sheep grazing in a pasture

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  1.   The Objective Of A Congregation's Leadership

  2.   Who Are You To Write About This?

  3.   The Desire For Relevance In Society and Culture

  4.   Spiritual Basics In A Consumer Society

  5.   Avoiding Oversimplification and Acknowledging Complexity

  6.   Admitting the Voids In Typical Concepts of Congregational Leadership

  7.   Forms of First-Century Leadership

  8.   Comparing and Contrasting 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9

  9.   When A Congregation Selects Leaders

10.   Practical Challenges Confronting Congregational Leaders

11.   Challenges Facing People In the Congregation

12.   The Sense of Togetherness

13.   Helping and Hurting Christians As God's Family

14.   Faith: Trusting God's Work In Jesus

15.   Practical Observations

16.   Why?

Chapter One

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