Jesus healed many sick people and fed many hungry people. He validated his spiritual message by ministering to physical needs. He always was concerned about the whole person--mind, body, emotions, and spirit. He reeducated minds, fed bodies, redirected emotions, and cleansed spirits. He healed the body and forgave the sins.

He stressed the fact that his disciples concerned themselves with people's physical and spiritual well being. Read Matthew 25:31-46 again.

Wealthy Christians were instructed to place their hope in God. They did so by being rich in good works, generosity, and readiness to share (1 Timothy 6:17-19).

We are wealthy Christians. If you compare our living standard to people of virtually all other nations, we are unbelievably prosperous.

The tragedy and suffering produced in Fort Smith by last year's tornado created vision and opportunity. Disaster Relief, Inc., a service operated by our brothers and sisters in the Lord, quickly and generously responded to Fort Smith's need. Their example resulted in the formation of CURE, "Compassionate Utilization of Resources." CURE began through the vision of Bob Fisher and other members of this congregation.

CURE presently receives donated medical supplies and equipment. A temporary warehouse for these supplies is located at 4301 Windsor Drive in our gym. (This is not the mailing address, but the physical location). Each second Monday of each month, interested members gather there to package supplies for shipment. And they have fun! Ron Lenderman's care group coordinates these "packing parties." The last "packing party" prepared shipments for disaster relief for tornado victims in Arkansas and for medical missions in Guatemala.

In the near future, CURE plans to begin warehousing food supplies. When it receives a Federal Identification Number, it will expand its work. CURE's primary objective is to help us create a greater spiritual presence in Fort Smith and this general region. Presently, that will be accomplished through quick response disaster relief in times of emergency. It will also globally assist missions outreach by sharing medical supplies.

Our thanks to sister congregations, the community, and you for the huge truck load of supplies that made their way to Newport, Arkansas this week. Thank you for the $10,000 special contribution for disaster relief in Arkansas! Thanks to sister congregations for helping finance CURE. Help us make CURE an effective outreach.

David Chadwell

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 23 March 1997