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Return to Original God

In the Bible, the book of Acts 17:24-30 we can find all answers:

-Why do we need to return to the original God?
We need to return to the original God because there is only one God who created us. We have gone astray from Him. The fact is that people could not live without God. This causes people to create their own gods to worship until today. We understand that these are false gods as we saw in verse 24-25 and in I Cor. 8:4-6.

-How do we know which is the real God and the false god?
The word 24-25 said, "the God who made the world and everything, and gives all men life and breath and everything else." The false gods could not do such as the original God did.
It is not difficult for us to tell the difference between the original God and the false god because the Bible said that the true God created man, but the god that people created is the false god (Acts 17:29).

-Does the original God exist and how can we find Him?
In verse 27 of Acts said, "God did this so that men would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each of us."  This verse means that we can find Him anytime and anywhere if we take a moment to observe His handiwork.

-How can we return to Him?
We understand that our sin separates us from God. And the fact is that we cannot return to Him again unless we become free from sin.
Good work will not eliminate our sin, except a forgiveness from God. We cannot get forgiveness of sin unless we repent and return to Him.
In Acts verse 30 said, "In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now He commands all people everywhere to repent." Repent means to return to Him, the original God. If man should feel guilty for forsaking Him in the past, God will forgive him if he will repent and ask for forgiveness of his sin.

-Do you think you worship the right God today?
-If not, would you like to return to the original God?
-Jesus Christ, the son of God said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man will cometh unto the father, but by me."
John 14:6.

May God bless you!
Thank you,

Thomas Kweekul

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