Mosaical Sacrificial System
Name of Offering Reference Offered Occasion Purpose
Burnt Offering Leviticus 1; 6:8-13 Bull, ram, male goat, male dove, or young pigeon without blemish (depending on economic status) Regular - every morning and evening, Sabbath - double offering; Also at New Moon; 3 great festivals; Day of Atonement; feast of Trumpets.
Special - consecration of priests, removal of ceremonial uncleanness, cleansing of lepers, purification of women, Conclusion of Nazarite vow or breach in vow, etc.
Freewill - any solemn occasion: dedication of Tabernacle or Temple.
Entire surrender to God;
Devotion & commitment
Grain Offering
Also known as Meal or Tribute Offering
Leviticus 2; 6:14-23; 7:11 Flour, bread or grain made with olive oil and salt (unleavened) or incense. Accompanied by wine Public - 12 loaves of the bread of the Presence and on the 2nd day of Passover; two wave loaves at Pentecost.
Private - High Priest daily offering; consecration of priests; in substitution for a sin offering (poverty); jealousy (Numbers 5:15).
In conjunction with burnt or peace offerings.
General thankfulness for first fruits;
Acknowledgment that all things come from God
Peace Offering
Types of offerings: Thank, Fellowship, Vow, Votive or Freewill Offering
Leviticus 3; 7:11-36; 22:17-30; 27 Male or female animal without blemish according to wealth (blemished allowed for Freewill Offering) Public - festive inauguration - kings; feast of Pentecost; appointed festivals.
Private - free impulse; unexpected blessing; fulfillment of vow; Seek special blessing; general thankfulness.
Symbolizes fellowship with God - Well-being
Sin Offering Leviticus 4:1-5:13; 6:24-30; 12:6-8 Priest or congregation: bull; king: he goat; individual: she goat, lamb, dove, pigeon or flour (econ. status) all without blemish. Regular - new moon; Passover; Pentecost; feast of Trumpets; feast of Tabernacles; Day of Atonement; consecration of Priests.
Special - individual sin of ignorance; ceremonial defilement - women, leprosy, physical discharges, etc.
Penalty or offering for unintentional sin;
For propitiation and atonement;
General Redemption
Numbers 19:1-10Red HeiferUnclean after contact with the deadPurification from Sin
Guilt Offering Leviticus 5:14 - 6:7; 7:1-6; 14:12-18 Ram or lamb without blemish Special sins - Withholding of any sacrifice (that which belongs to God); fraud; suppression of truth; perjury; rape of a betrothed slave; purification of a leper Ransom for a special wrong; For the injury of sin

Supplement to The Majesty of Christ - A Study of Hebrews, lesson 8