1. Describe the characters from Chapter 1:

  2. How powerful was King Xerxes? (vv. 1-3)

    1. What excesses did King Xerxes display throughout his lavish party? (vv. 4-8)

    2. Why did he make such a display?

    1. What were the women doing while the men were feasting? (v. 9)

    2. Who was in charge?

  3. What did King Xerxes request of Queen Vashti? (vv. 10-11)

    1. Who was sent to get the Queen? (v. 10)

    2. Give a definition of "eunuch."

    1. The request puts Vashti in a difficult position. What are some factors she may have been considering in giving her answer?

    2. What was her answer to the king? (v. 12)

  4.   Think of a time when you were expected to do something you were uncomfortable performing. How did you handle the situation? What was the outcome?

    1. What was the king's reaction? (v. 12)

    2. How did he decide what to do about the situation? (vv. 13-14)

  5.   (Thought question) Many times a punishment of a person or group of people is not JUST for them, but is also to teach a lesson to others. From verses 17 & 18, who did the advisors think needed to learn a lesson?

  6. How do each of the following view gaining and maintaining respect?

  7.   (Thought question) How do you view the development of respect? (i.e., legislated, commanded, earned ...)

  8.   What are some ways you may have been trying to gain respect that are not godly or helpful?

    1. What was the actual proclamation sent out? (v. 22)

    2. What was the purpose of the proclamation? (v. 20)

    3. How did they make sure everyone could understand the proclamation? (v. 22)

  9. What became of Queen Vashti? (v. 19)


Verse to ponder: Esther 1:18

Do you think the leaders were more concerned about Vashti, the king, the kingdom, or themselves?

How many times are you called upon to make a decision and you base it on what is good for yourself?

Challenge: Queen Vashti had very little "control" in her life, but she used what control she did have in making her decision not to indulge the men.

Consider your own life and the areas where there is control and the areas where you have little or NO control. The stick figure at the bottom of the page represents you. The line is "grounded" where you have control. Either draw or list things on the line with you that are under control. Then above the line and you, either draw or list things that are "out of control." Circle those things out of control that you can make changes to make improvements. Underline those things upon which you need to have a spiritual attitude adjustment to just leave in God's hands. Pray to Him to forgive you of those things you need to put under His control and to strengthen you to change those things with which you need His help to change.

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Esther - lesson 1
Ladies Bible Class Lesson, 9 Sep 2003
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