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The Majesty of Christ

Hebrews 10:19-39 - Faithful In Christ

A worshiper of God under the Old Covenant would never have dreamed of entering the presence of God in the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle. Only the High Priest visited the Holy of Holies once a year, and only after the ceremonial cleansing and a blood sacrifice to cover his sins. How wonderful that Jesus' sacrifice rent the veil, the barrier separating God from man. The way into the heavenly sanctuary is now open. We are invited to enter into that sanctuary and one day dwell in the presence of God. Now let us remove our own personal barriers that keep us separated from God.

  1. "Therefore" means some arguments or points have been made previously in order to make a conclusion. How has the preceding Hebrews message given you confidence to enter the sanctuary opened by the blood of Jesus as mentioned in 10:19?

  2. How do Mark 15:38 and Romans 5:1-2 help us to better understand Hebrews 10:19-20?

  3. Discuss the four conditions found in verse 22 that allow Christians to draw near to God.

  4. Explain the three exhortations the author gives to the Hebrew Christians in verses 22-25.

    How can we obtain the boldness to apply these to our lives today?

  5. Hope in Christ is a major theme of Hebrews. The wavering Hebrew Christians had been focusing upon their past religious system. Upon what is the author trying to refocus them?

    Name some ways we can exhort each other to keep our focus upon our hope.

  6. What three great Christian virtues are evidenced in verses 22-24?

    From I Corinthians 13:13, which of these is the greatest?

    How does this section of Hebrews support that same concept?

  7. Apparently, some of the Hebrew Christians had been neglecting to assemble with the other believers. Discuss how the author does not tell them what they are missing, but what others are missing because they are not there.

  8. If we continue to sin and reject Christ, what do we forfeit and what is the result?

  9. The Hebrew author has already warned the believer not to drift from the Word (2:1-4), Drifting will soon lead to doubting the Word (3:7-4:13). Then he will become dull toward the Word (5:11-6:20) and become lazy in his spiritual life. According to the warning here in 10:26-31, what is the next regressive attitude toward the Word and the consequences of that attitude?

  10. After the above strong warning, how does the author appeal to previous testing, present action and future events - all to encourage the Hebrews?

    What can we learn from how they accepted persecution?

  11. What are some rewards of our confidence in Christ's blood?

  12. Why does a Christian need endurance?

  13. How can you identify with those the author is addressing in verse 39?

  14. From today's lesson, what is meant to be an encouragement through hardships and difficulties?


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The Study of Hebrews - "Faithful In Christ" (lesson 9)
Ladies Bible Class Lesson, 27 February 2001
West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, Arkansas
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