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The Study of Romans

Romans 14
Forfeiting Rights for the LOVE of Others

Both strong and weak Christians can cause their brothers to stumble. The strong but insensitive Christian may flaunt his freedom and intentionally offend others' conscience. The scrupulous but weak Christian tries to fence others in with petty rules and regulations, thus causing dissension. Paul wants his readers to be both strong in the faith and sensitive to others' needs. Because we are all strong in some areas and weak in others, we need constantly to monitor the effect of our behavior on others.

  1. Identify the person who is weak. Identify the man who is strong in the faith. How should the weaker and the stronger brother interact?

  2. Why is one not to judge others in matters of opinion? See verses 3, 4, and 9-12.

  3. What do the scriptures teach about judging others?

    Matthew 7:1, 2

    Romans 14:13

    John 7:24

    John 8:15-16

    From these scriptures, when are we to judge?

    I Corinthians 5:12-13

    I Corinthians 6:1-4

    I Corinthians 2:15

  4. The Roman Christians were having trouble merging customs and traditions (i.e. meats, special days). What similar issues are potential problems today?

  5. What should the Christian's motivation be behind any practice or tradition?

  6. Rather than judging, what should a Christian's actions be toward each other?
    See Romans 14:13, 19 and Romans 15:2.

  7. Define stumbling block. What are some possible stumbling blocks that could cause someone to stumble?

  8. How do you draw the line on trying to please everyone?

  9. In verse 17, how is the kingdom of God described?

  10. What is the point of verses 22 & 23?

  11. What is it that condemns the man in verse 23?

  12. Which verse do you consider to be the key verse in Chapter 14?

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The Study of Romans - "Forfeiting Rights for the LOVE of Others" (lesson 9)
Ladies Bible Class Lesson, 29 February 2000
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