It seems impossible for me to take my mind off our medical mission team that will be leaving for Guyana Saturday morning, June 5th. I really wish I was going with them.

I certainly did not count on the things that have taken place in my life over the past two months that have kept me from going with them. However, I will not ever forget the three years that I have been able to serve with this incredible group of people, and it has changed my life forever.

We are so blessed! Do we even begin to understand how fortunate we really are? I'll never forget a young girl who I studied with and eventually baptized on my last trip. She was 13 years old and she lived in a shack about 100 yards from the school in which we were teaching.

We went to talk to her mother, who was an atheist, about the decision her daughter was making. We talked with her as she continued to wash her families clothes with the dark, dirty water that flowed underneath the small deck of their shack.

I will never forget her small brother who brought their mother a cup that he needed cleaned, and I will never forget her dipping it into the same bowl of dirty water that she was washing their clothes in and handing it back to him. This was their life!

She told her daughter that she disagreed with her, but she respected her right to make her own decisions in life. I've often wondered where this young girl is today.

Has she been blessed with people that cared enough to continue to nurture her young faith in God? What difference has the church in Guyana made in her life? Where would she be today without the efforts of so many of you who have supported God's efforts in Guyana?

Truly, this work has been an incredible, life-changing event for many over the past nine years. I praise God for all that He has done and for all that He will continue to do in mission fields all across this world. May our servants on this team remain in our prayers over the days to come!

Brad Pistole

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Bulletin Article, 6 June 1999

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