Romans - Preface

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Structure of Romans

  1. Chapters 1 – 11 – What God has done in Christ
  2. Chapters 12 – 16 – What Christ is doing in the church

Romans 13

Paul’s Worldview

Paul - Ancients
  • Social Order is natural
  • It does not change
  • It is divinely instituted
  • Can be good or bad
Moderns – Us
  • Social Order is reasonable
  • It is changeable
  • It answers to the governed
  • Should be good


Why So Hopeful?

  1. Caligula claimed he was a god and put his statue in the Jerusalem Temple
  2. Claudius had expelled Jews from Rome (Acts 18)
  3. Only 16, Nero was tutored and advised by sensible men

Jew and Gentile in Rome

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Evening Sermon, 2 November 2008

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