Luke 10

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If we are going to talk about mission, then we need to look at Luke 10.

We often compare Jesus to a preacher, but what if he’s more like a youth minister?

The Report of the 72 who were sent:

Jesus’ response to the report

Why little children?

"Star Wars" (1977) – It revolutionized pop culture. After 1977, movies and TV changed. Merchandising became big business. No one saw this coming because Star Wars was considered a “kid’s film.” Even most of the people working on it thought it was a children’s film with robots, shaggy monsters and dark villains.

But the film was popular with more than just children and it has remained popular for over 30 years. Why? Maybe because this film touched on our very basic hopes to see evil defeated and good triumph. Something that we understand as kids.

What was it like before 1977? It was the same. We still believed in good and evil and heroic deeds, adventures to save the princess, the power of evil. It’s just that Lucasfilm figured out a great way to package that and market it.

How did the church lose its child-like imagination? How did we lose our basic belief and hope in the struggle between good and evil and the faith that good always wins?

We need to recover the imagination. We need to have the same imagination and child-like faith that sees simple acts and adventures of mission that knock Satan off his feet. We need to view the world again as a field where good and evil struggle. We need to rejoice that our names are written in heaven – not because God’s keeping score or because we want Jesus to save us a seat, but because God knows that he has some agents down here that he can call on when there’s a mission.

But we’ve all gotten tired and bored! We have become so busy! And it has made us bitter and proud!

Mary and Martha (Luke 10)

  1. Let’s believe again that the world really can change – otherwise, why do we have a mission?
  2. Let’s believe again that demons and evil can be sent running and that Satan (the dark villain) has fallen from the sky like lightning.
  3. Let’s believe again that good wins out and let’s pledge to be on the winning side.

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Morning Sermon, 11 October 2009

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