Chapter 8 - On to Little Big Horn and Glory!

Copyright © 1996 Wayne Grovenburg

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"On to Little Big Horn and Glory!" is explained, in a unique way, as the attitude to carry into battle when the odds are against you, but you know that vision, courage, work, a servant heart, with a positive, tenacious attitude will prevail. A true story started in the first chapter, unfolded throughout chapters 2 through 7, is brought to a climax. At this closing, there is one last attempt to awaken the "Spirit of the Warrior" that is in all of us. This book ends with a vivid focus on the power of God and gives Him the glory for all this book contains and for all the good it may do the reader.


We all gain inspiration from significant influences in our lives. I want to thank my parents, Bill and Nell Grovenburg, for their role in teaching and modeling the "principles for living" discussed in this book. I want to thank Coach Del Foster and the Western High School coaching and teaching staff of 1969 - 1971 for the positive impact they have had on my life and the lives of many others. But, I don't want to acknowledge only them.

I wish to acknowledge, lift up and encourage all the parents, coaches, and teachers everywhere that teach their kids to dream big dreams, to have the courage to try, to get back up when they get knocked down, to work hard and enthusiastically, to serve others, and to hang in there. To all coaches, teachers and parents, I salute you! This book is about you and for you!

But above all else, my greatest sources of inspiration are God and the Bible. I sincerely hope that He gets the glory for the good that comes from your reading this book. I thank God and give Him the glory and honor for authoring the principles and sending all the people my way that taught, led and inspired me. I thank God for the Western Warrior spirit and, even more, for the Holy Spirit that lives within me.

End Note

I sincerely hope you have found this book both informational and inspirational. I have a dream of taking this message to many people both through this writing and through my personal presentations of the live seminar, which I have been doing since 1982. I have spoken to corporate businesses, sales organizations, Bible school and public school teachers, technical professionals, athletic teams in "locker room style", church youth groups, college groups, recovering teenage drug addicts and inmates in the county jail. I tailor the presentation to the needs and the attention span of the group I am addressing. I can give this an appropriate focus for whatever setting I am in.

The bigger your Goliath, the better I love the Charge.

Copyright © 1996 Wayne Grovenburg

Wayne Grovenburg
d. 16 September 2000

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