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After developing, refining and delivering the live presentation, "On to Little Big Horn and Glory!", for 12 years, Wayne Grovenburg brought together all the material used in the many versions of the speech into the book titled, "Charging the Battle Line!". Chapter summaries are provided here. One day, this book will be published and available in your local bookstore. Until then, you can borrow and read the book online by clicking on the links blow.


Chapter 1: A Call to Battle

This chapter opens with a description of the circumstances leading up to the fight between David and Goliath. In the same way that Goliath called for a solitary man to come to the valley and fight, our personal challenges of today may be "giant size" and call us to come fight also. We all face trying times and tough obstacles. The details of an "impossible" situation in which a Las Vegas high school football team found itself serves as an underlying theme of this book.

Chapter 2: Focusing your vision

In the face of adversity, we often lose sight of what we are trying to accomplish, if we ever had sight of it in the first place. This chapter will motivate and teach the reader to define specific, big, mentally visible goals. We should throw away our excuses and false ceilings and expect great things to happen.

Chapter 3: Courage to fail

Anyone who has accomplished anything of significance, usually did not do so on the first try. They had to "take the courage" to fail at least a time or two before they made it. This chapter brings the reader to realize he must have the courage to fail, at times, in order to risk enough to overcome the obstacles in this life and pursue his vision. The source of David's courage as he faced Goliath is available to us today.

Chapter 4: Discipline to work (hard and smart)

A wise sage once said, "There ain't no free lunch". Overcoming most obstacles in life requires a great deal of hard work. This chapter not only declares and demonstrates the virtues of a "hard work" ethic, but also a "smart work" ethic.

Chapter 5: Teamwork with a servant heart

In the 1st century, a very wise man said, "He that would be the greatest among you must become the servant of all". This principle still holds true in today's businesses, churches and families. Teamwork is described in this chapter as putting the team's welfare above that of any individual. The commitment of a servant heart to the vision of a team is a very powerful concept.

Chapter 6: Choosing the right attitude

We all have two lists. We have a list of reasons to be happy and another list of reasons to be sad. We can choose which one we will allow to have dominance in our daily lives. This chapter describes how attitudes definitely affect outcomes and shows how we have the power to choose our attitude.

Chapter 7: Never give up!

This chapter uses World War II history to stir the spirit of tenacity within us. We all get knocked down in life. We will feel surrounded and hear a "call for surrender", at times. Using the concepts and motivational techniques in this chapter, the reader will be inspired to "get back up" and "get back in there" each time life or circumstances knock him down.

Chapter 8: On to Little Big Horn and Glory!

"On to Little Big Horn and Glory!" is explained, in a unique way, as the attitude to carry into battle when the odds are against you, but you know that vision, courage, work, a servant heart, with a positive, tenacious attitude will prevail. A true story started in the first chapter, unfolded throughout chapters 2 through 7, is brought to a climax. At this closing, there is one last attempt to awaken the "Spirit of the Warrior" that is in all of us. This book ends with a vivid focus on the power of God and gives Him the glory for all this book contains and for all the good it may do the reader.

Copyright © 1996 Wayne Grovenburg
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Since Wayne died on 16 September 2000 and his AOL site was closed, these chapters are reproduced here without permission. This site will be promptly removed if his daughter Natalie indicates we are not welcome to post Wayne's very encouraging manuscript for others to read online.

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