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Copyright © 1996 Wayne Grovenburg

There are many people, both young and old, that face crisis and trials of various kinds every day. These situations may be financial, career-related, health, family or spiritual in nature. The severity may range from the loss and devastation of a hurricane to the daily grind of a monotonous rut that many lives seem to sink into. The principles in this book will help people in crisis overcome whatever odds they face, renew their resolve, focus their vision and courageously live life to the full.

The ideas in this book are sound principles for living, whether you are in crisis or not. Some people are drifting down the river of life with no particular destination in mind. They "go with the flow" and coast. When a church, a business or organization gets stuck in this mode, lethargy and apathy soon overcome any attempts at progress. Bored and lifeless groups will quickly lose their effectiveness. The principles in this book will help motivate and encourage them too.

Since 1982, I have been presenting a motivational seminar entitled, On to Little Big Horn and Glory. Several years ago, after I presented this material to a professional group, a retired Marine worked his way to me through the crowd. This large, lean, silver haired gentleman explained that he had served in the Pacific in World War II. He and his unit had fought at Guadalcanal. The message of this book touched something deep within him. His wet eyes and his sincere facial expression touched my heart as his large, rugged hand took mine. This combat veteran told me he wished his children, grandchildren and every young adult in this country could have been with us and heard what he heard that night. I will always remember that man, his wish and the encouragement he gave me.

The message of this book is for every parent's child, no matter how old they may be, as they try to find their way in this complex venture called life. I wish to reach out to them through this book. I want to make a difference in as many lives as I can, while I can.

Evangelism was not my conscious purpose in writing this book. I support every chapter with scripture and Biblical principles because I know there is a powerful and active application for them in everyday life. There are tremendous strength, motivation and hope in an active faith in God that can help in all of life's circumstances. I believe in God. I believe that the writers of the Bible were inspired by God to write as they did. I believe the message the Bible contains. I believe in heaven and I believe in hell. These beliefs undoubtedly spill over into about everything I do, including this book.

I believe you could benefit by reading this book and leaving God and Jesus Christ out of the picture. In fact, you could live your whole life leaving God and Jesus Christ out of the picture. In my opinion, that is like cutting down a tree with an unstarted chainsaw. Doing it in this manner misses the intended benefits of the chainsaw. Life without God and His son, Jesus, is the same way. But, it is your choice how you will live your life. I want to live mine to the fullest, as the master designer intended.

Copyright © 1996 Wayne Grovenburg

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